Principal Pulls H.S. Paper’s Stories on Gay Students; Editors Seek ACLU Help

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By: E&P Staff

A high school principal in Bakerfield, Calif., has pulled several articles written for the campus newspaper dealing with homosexuality, causing students to hook up with the American Civil Liberties Union to complain of censorship.

The principal at East High, John Gibson, said he feared for the students’ safety.

The ACLU will hold a press conference today in Los Angeles to tell the students’ side of the story.

According to East High’s journalism advisor, Randy Hamm, the series of stories in The Kernal contained an interview with a gay student and her mother, interviews with a student against homosexuality, and statistics. Gibson was afraid the students named in the articles would be targeted by violence, Hamm added, and said if the editors didn?t kill the stories he wouldn?t let them distribute the papers.

The students decided to hold off and try to convince Gibson to let them run it in the next issue. Meanwhile, they headed to Los Angels to talk to the ACLU.

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