ProImage to Show a Unique Cloud-Based Service that Enables Content to be Automatically Published to Most Tablets and Smart Phones – Simultaneously

By: Press Release | ProImage

Princeton, NJ – 20th February 2013:  At America East (April 8-10, Hershey, PA) ProImage America, Inc. ( will be showing publishers how they are now able to simultaneously deliver content to a wide range of mobile device – easily.
ProImage TabellaNews is a unique cloud-based service that enables a newspaper’s content to be automatically published to a wide variety of tablets and smart phones, engaging a wider audience and providing additional revenue opportunities.

No other mobile publishing solution provides absolute automation of content and layout for so many mobile devices, simultaneously. TabellaNews does it with ease and security. There is only a minimal investment required. You simply pay as you use.

With TabellaNews ProImage has put its workflow automation experience to work to create a system that automatically gathers your existing content, lets you edit or add to it, and through its intelligent content mapping and template technology formats it for multiple devices. The final publication is then quickly delivered to any hosting environment and accessed by the complementary reader application that includes the publisher’s own branding and look-and-feel. It is that easy.

TabellaNews uses HTML5 that delivers sophisticated image handling, audio, and video animation. It also enables multimedia content to be embedded at any stage of content creation and can include search, bookmarks, publisher-specific functionality and access to other online links such as Facebook and Twitter.  

TablellaNews is unlike the many mobile solutions that provide an enhanced PDF replica that requires multimedia content to be added only after an issue is closed for print and uploaded to the App provider’s content management system. The ProImage solution provides increased flexibility and speed of delivery – thus the ability to get more engaging stories to readers, faster.

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