Prosecutor Can’t Have Reporter’s Notes From Interview Wth Suspect


A judge has denied a prosecutor’s subpoena of a reporter’s notes from an interview with a suspect in a drug robbery that spawned four murders.

Indianapolis Star reporter Vic Ryckaert interviewed the suspect, Jasper Frazier, by phone shortly before Frazier surrendered to authorities in Toledo, Ohio, in January.

Frazier said during the interview that he had been inside an Indianapolis house Jan. 14 when two mothers and their two young children were fatally shot, but he wasn’t the one who killed them.

“We printed essentially what the person told us,” said Dennis Ryerson, the newspaper’s editor and vice president. “We wouldn’t have done our jobs if we hadn’t printed the totality of the subject’s comments in such an incredibly important case.”

Matthew Symons, a spokesman for Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, expressed disappointment in the March 26 ruling by Superior Court Judge Steve Eichholtz. Brizzi did not say whether prosecutors would appeal.

“It’s our belief that in a capital murder case, every piece of evidence should be (turned over),” Symons said. “This is one of those rare cases where prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed that a piece of evidence should be discovered. It’s our belief that eventually it will be.”

Frazier, 36, was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and other charges along with three other men.

A fifth man, Ronald L. Davis, 30, is accused of being the triggerman. He faces murder and other charges connected to the shooting deaths of Andrea Yarrell and Gina Hunt, both 24, and their children, 4-month-old Charlii Yarrell and 23-month-old Jordan Hunt.

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