Protec Adds Distribution, Business-Intelligence Software

By: E&P Staff

Publishing systems developer Protecmedia in Madrid, Spain, has created Shipo, a geomarketing-based system designed to manage everything related to newspaper circulation. The technology allows delivery routes and different sales outlets to be closely controlled, using cross-referenced data to generate results that can optimize performance in distribution.

Knowing which sales outlets have sold all copies or have returned too many, for example, enables decisions that can reduce costs and increase circulation efficiency.

Protecmedia says its business-intelligence solutions “give a real-time picture of the state of the business through exhaustive examination of all data.” The cross-referenced data provides clearer reader and advertiser profiles and shows a company’s strong and weak points.

The company also has developed tools that it says allow news outlets to operate as profitably as possible in other sectors, for example by exploiting editorial assets.

Protecmedia spokesman Fernando Perez said the new software covers all of a company’s products, enabling publishers to tease out efficiencies and identify products best suited to certain readers. Newspapers, for example, also might offer tickets to sports or other events through online portals, based on print and online readers’ profiles — “like a club for readers,” says Perez.

Protecmedia also announced that start-up Brasil Economico was about to begin production on its 70-seat Milenium cross-media system.

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