Protec Chosen for 3 France Antilles Dailies

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By: E&P Staff

France Antilles chose Protec’s Milenium Cross Media solutions for three of its publications, L’ Aisne Nouvelle, Le Havre Presse, and Paris-Normandie, to improve efficiency and quality through reorganized workflows.

Milenium will enable L’Aisne Nouvelle to integrate writing and advertising in the same workflow. Dummy planning based on sold advertising and the automatic assembly of classifieds pages will be handled in the editorial area, where Milenium will coordinate the content and the work of editors and designers.

Additionally, Le Havre Presse (with its five editions) and Paris-Normandie (with six) will incorporate the Pressflow suite to automate quality control and page imposition at their various printing plants.

In addition to 10 regional titles in Northern France, several regional weeklies, and more than 230 free newspapers, 20-year-old France Antilles owns publications on France’s Caribbean islands, in French Guiana, Tahiti, and the Indian Ocean island of Reunion.

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