Protecmedia Packages iPhone App Customization on Website

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By: E&P Staff

Publishing software and services provider Protecmedia has developed a customizable Apple iPhone app for newspapers, as well as a Website through which it supplies the app.

A newspaper’s icon and logo and all symbols and background colors can be replaced, and such content-related things as the number of news channels and their names can be defined.

Bart Mariner, vice president and general manager of U.S. operations for Protecmedia, dismissed newspapers’ early iPhone efforts to accommodate pages and rely on “useless” zooming. News To Take Away, he said in a statement, offers “easy and intuitive” navigation and a better reading experience.

The News To Take Away app requires only defining RSS channels and desired customization. Protecmedia then handles programming, testing and certification before uploading a customized app to the Apple Store within days.

Based in Madrid, Spain, Protecmedia supplies software to more than 350 publications, mainly dailies, in 18 countries. Its integrated software serves the editorial, advertising and circulation areas for print, online and mobile media.

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