Protecmedia’s QUAY Centralizes Group’s Editorial Assets

By: E&P Staff

Spain’s UNEDISA group has completed a project to centralize and modernize all its editorial assets, relying on the QUAY solution to manage multimedia editorial assets created. QUAY’s developer, Madrid-based Protecmedia, was engaged to centralize all the content.

The project aimed to get as much as possible from the group’s editorial assets for commercial use by quickly and easily managing the vast quantity of documents, regardless of the place of access or type of asset.

“We needed a database system that allowed us make available to the newsrooms of our four newspapers, 10 magazines, supplements, guides, radio and television, verified information published by all of our media in a controlled, reliable and easy-to-use manner and in direct connection with the editorial system,” UNEDISA Information Processing Director Julio Miravalls said in a statement.

Including the different titles’ supplements, the project covered 33 publications. In the end, well over 10 million UNEDISA documents were stored in QUAY, including photos, graphics, pages and articles. On a normal working day, 300 photos, 1,200 pages and 900 articles are archived (to which must be added the approximately 10,000 photos, whether taken internally or by an agency, which enter the archive every day).

Through a QUAY’s e-Commerce module, the group will be able to market its editorial activities through a portal where clients can acquire these assets in a secure manner. Special Supplements Director Gracia Cardador said the “technology allows us to exploit our editorial products as much as possible and to create new business lines. Communications groups need to make the most of new technologies so that they can organize, classify and distribute their contents to clients.”

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