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By: Jason Williams

Hints For Web Security

from this week’s special E&P Interactive print section:

Some suggestions for improving Web site security:

o Routinely scan your networks. Several programs exist that can detect the presence of
denial-of-service (DoS) software and other intrusions.

o Maintain strong firewalls. They are exactly what they sound like, walls protecting
against those communications that might burn you. Make sure your network administrator
keeps up with the latest patches and services.

o Install filters that deny entry to specific types of requests that fit the pattern of
a DoS attack or other assault software.

o Harden your system. Regularly update your security tools and software protections or
hire a reliable security team to do it for you.

o Heed CERT warnings and keep up-to-date on the latest advances in assault software.

o Seek help and advice from the hacker community. Many groups and companies made up of
former or current hackers could be the best allies (and many are willing) in the struggle
to secure one’s network.


Karim Mostafa ( is assistant
editor for E&P Online.

(c) Copyright 2000, Editor & Publisher

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