Prudential Charts Biggest Rises and Falls in ‘Other Paid’

By: E&P Staff

Many newspaper companies have vowed to cut down on their use of ?other paid? circulation, but how fast are they succeeding? In the wake of the latest Fas-Fax release this week, Prudential Equity Group compiled a chart of leading papers and their use of the ?other paid? category. Prudential calls attempts to reduce this sector ?a positive long-term strategic move, as this type of circulation is of lower quality in our opinion.?

But while the overall rates of increase have slowed, they are, in many cases still rising quite a bit. Here, based on Prudential?s table, is a chart of the highest rates of increase and the biggest declines, in daily other paid.


The Star-Ledger (Newark, N.J.) 83.7%
New York Post 60.4%
Charlotte Observer 40.4%
The San Diego Union-Tribune 33.3%
The Tennessean 32.3%
The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) 31.3%
Fort Worth Star-Telegram 26.7%
The Wall Street Journal 25.7%
The Tampa Tribune 24.8%
Kansas City Star 23.5%
Denver Post 23.5%
Riverside Press-Enterprise 23.3%
The New York Daily News 21.3%
The New York Times 20.2%
The Seattle Times 20.1%


The Philadephia Daily News -50.3
The Arizona Republic -50.0
The Baltimore Sun -49.8
The Orlando Sentinel -46.2
The Philadelphia Inqurier -23.2%
The Rocky Mountain News (Denver) -19.7
Des Moines Register -13.6%
Asbury Park Press -9.8%
Atlanta Journal-Constitution -9.7

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