Pulitzer-Winning Cartoonist Anderson Moving to Houston

By: E&P Staff

Nick Anderson, who won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning, will be moving to the Houston Chronicle after 15 years with The Courier-Journal of Louisville. Feb. 10 will be his last day at the Kentucky paper.

In a memo posted Thursday afternoon on Jim Romenesko’s media blog, Courier-Journal “Forum” Editor Keith Runyon praised the cartoonist. He wrote: “Innovation has been central to his work, throughout his career. Most significantly, he has been a national pioneer in the use of color, and in doing so, he was very important in the transition of The Courier-Journal to full-color content with the startup of new presses in 2004.”

Runyon added: “Though Nick may be gone from Louisville, he won’t vanish from The Courier-Journal. We will continue to carry his cartoons on our opinion pages. And we intend to begin the process of finding a successor to fill the post of The Courier-Journal’s editorial cartoonist.”

Anderson, who’s syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group, was quoted in Runyon’s memo as saying: “It has been one of the most difficult decisions my wife and I have ever made. We love Louisville, and I love my colleagues here at The Courier-Journal. But ultimately, change nourishes creativity, and it proved to be too good an opportunity to pass up. I am looking forward to exploring Houston as a place to live and carrying out the ambitious vision that the editors of the Houston Chronicle have for their staff cartoonist.”

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