QuadTech Combines Color Control, Web Inspection

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By: E&P Staff

QuadTech, Sussex, Wis., has combined color control and web inspection in one sensor. The QuadTech Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam uses a proprietary six-channel spectral sensor for L*a*b*-based color control, obviating colorbars or graybars.

The image-based, closed-loop system automatically obtains target aim-point values from a high-resolution prepress file to maintain accurate color by automatically adjusting ink keys on press. It also automatically controls and optimizes the fountain ball, creating better color, reduced waste and minimized operator intervention, according to QuadTech.

At the same time, all surfaces are inspected, and common print faults (scumming, blanket smashes, color variations, etc.) are detected, and the system verifies plating issues such as transposed plates or wrong versions. Waste is reduced by discovering common problems as the job runs, rather than at the end of a press run or when an operator happens to notice.

QuadTech’s new fan-out control software automatically holds register across the full width of the web throughout a run. Cameras capture any tiny shift in lateral register position and interface with bustle devices for automatic correction.

QuadTech’s Data Central Performance Reporting Module minimizes rebates and reruns by helping document and verify work quality. The application receives, manages, stores, and displays data that can be used to generate reports for monitoring and improving the press and process performance. Graphics and reports can be viewed after selecting among filter alternatives to determine exactly which data to include (and save, if desired).

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