QuadTech Controls on News Tribune Press in Jefferson City, Mo.

By: E&P Staff

The News Tribune Co., Jefferson City, Mo., has cut waste by a third at its plant since installing last January a MAN Roland press with press controls from QuadTech, Sussex, Wis. Besides printing the 18,748-circulation News Tribune, the company has many contract printing jobs, which increased its workload and quality expectations.

Bought as a package, the press was equipped with the QuadTech Register Guidance System with MultiCam and QuadTech Ribbon Control System with MultiCam. The systems are integrated through QuadTech’s ICON platform.

ICON boosts productivity “by streamlining job set-up and execution,” News Tribune Production Manager Mike Vivion said in a statement. “It also makes the whole process less labor-intensive, leaving our highly qualified staff to apply their skills on other jobs.”

Able to monitor QuadTech systems on a single ICON screen, operators can immediately access preset parameters for up to 1,000 jobs. The Register Guidance System with MultiCam helps cut the number of waste copies during start-up and other periods of register upset, such as a web splice. Fast frame rate and high resolution allow viewing the entire repeat length of a web, rather than just the area where register marks are printed.

Ribbon Control helps meet some challenges presented by current industry trends, according to Vivion, who cited greater use of split doubles, where the system “helps reduce waste by ensuring ribbon movement is controlled and the copy split over two pages is perfectly aligned.”

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