Quark and Enfocus in PDF Pact

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By: E&P Staff

Quark Inc. yesterday announced an alliance with Enfocus Software, provider of PDF preflight and automatic correction tools, that aims “to improve the overall PDF experience within QuarkXPress, and provide bundled solutions that streamline Certified PDF-based workflows,” according to Quark.

Denver-based Quark this year joined the Ghent PDF workgroup, which Enfocus co-founded, as a first step in an effort to improve PDF workflows. Enfocus is a subsidiary of the Artwork Systems Group.

Enfocus Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Patrick Van Dam called the arrangement “an excellent way to jump-start the adoption of Certified PDF by the designer community,” noting also that Enfocus’ Certified PDF technology already is widely used among publishers and printers to save time and preserve quality. The alliance, he added, will give designers a “simple and convenient” way to create “error-free Certified PDF files that output properly.”

In the partnership’s first phase, all QuarkAlliance partners will be able to get special partner pricing for Enfocus’ Instant PDF to immediately start optimizing their PDF-based workflows.

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