Quickcut ICC Software Integrates Adobe ACE

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By: E&P Staff

Quickcut in Sydney, Australia, has introduced Quickcut ICC 2.0, the new version of its color-management software that integrates the Adobe Color Engine (ACE) with other features, allowing consistent, predictable color from proofs to the printed piece.

Quickcut ICC combines software tools with industry-standard International Color Consortium (ICC) profiling in a specifications-driven approach to workflow to provide accurate color in all stages of production. Version 2.0 taps the power of ACE, used in Photoshop, along with new features such as enhanced RGB and CMYK color conversion flexibility, intelligent file compression and selective global rendering intents to predict how color will look when printed to product specifications.

Quickcut ICC uses color profiles in the QuickPrint global specifications database in the industry-standard ICC profile format.
Each profile specifies color transformations required for a specific publication or print process. When customers download specifications for a particular process from the QuickPrint database for page layout, associated ICC profiles are also retrieved.

Using Quickcut ICC, QuickPrint users can apply the specific profile of the destination product or process to preflight, validate, and predict how a job’s color will appear in print.

Quickcut ICC 2.0 applies color technology to data in custom or generic ICC profiles to enable a array of color-handling features and capabilities, including: proofing; conversion from source RGB or CMYK to the print destination color space; automatic profile selection and dynamic profile updating from the QuickPrint database; global rendering intent selection that allows file conversion control to best simulate the intended result and best suit the type of workflow and files under color management; ACE Black Point Compensation combining the best ICC conversion rules and producing better “across-the-board” results for images and vector and line art; new Ink Limiting Only” for minor adjustments to files otherwise correctly color managed; PDF/X conversions; intelligent file compression for optimal file size for each destination; profile tracking with comments embedded in the QuickPrint PDF file to verify that the correct version of ICC profiles is in use and that advertiser proofs and color conversions are relevant; control strip/color bar management that enables file verification for control over hardcopy proofs.

Version 2.0 also features selective color and space-to-space conversions that allow advanced users to apply manual settings where more color control is needed.

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