Quipp Installs: Turnkey in Texas, Packman in Paducah

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By: E&P Staff

Miami-based Quipp Inc. will supply The Longview (Texas) News-Journal with an integrated post-press inserting and packaging system for its expanded production facility.

The turnkey installation includes a Quipp-Newstec 20:2 inserter, NewsCom 6 insert management control system, Quipp-Gripp III single-gripper press conveyor, Quipp On-Line feeder system, eight NT200 hopper loaders, a Quipp Stacker, Quipp bottomwrappers and downstream distribution equipment.

Installation will begin in the third quarter of this year.

A Quipp customer for over 10 years, the Cox Newspapers daily a year ago purchased two lines of the Quipp-Gripp III single-gripper conveyor to deliver products from the press folders to existing horizontal conveyors. The new system will expand those conveyors’ use, eliminating horizontal belt conveyors.

Stacker and wrapper sales were highlighted by The New York Times purchase of 11 Quipp Model 500 Wide stackers and 11 Quipp Viper wrappers, to be installed in the paper’s College Point plant in New York City, beginning in spring.

Stacker and wrapper orders also came from The News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C. (six Model 501 Narrow stackers), The Seattle Times (seven Viper wrappers with powered side walls), The News-Herald (four Model 501 Narrow stackers, two Viper three-quarter wrappers, and a Quipp Twin-Trak belt conveyor system) for the Journal-Register dailiy’s Willoughby, Ohio, plant.

Other packaging systems also will go to two other groups’ papers. Paxton Media’s flagship, The Paducah (Ky.) Sun, bought a Quipp Packman, capable of stacking, wrapping, printing and strapping in one operation. As a product is stacked and processed, it is held within close-coupled guide walls, resulting bricklike stacks, protected with kraft bottom or 3/4 wrap, and optionally labeled before being strapped.

And, for installation early this year, Gannett’s Palladium-Item, Richmond, Ind., purchased from Quipp an SLS-1000 inserter expansion consisting of a remanufactured two-feeder module, with jogger assembly, feeder air blast kits, motors, drives and remanufactured hopper loader.

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