Quipp Packman Buyers Go Back for More

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By: E&P Staff

Miami-based Quipp Systems, which announced this month’s completion of the merger of Quipp Inc. and Illinois Tool Works Inc. (E&P Online, March 27, April 17), has sold two more Quipp Packman II packaging systems to the Chicago Sun-Times, which reports reduced staffing in its inserting department since it began using its first three units last fall.

Packman addresses the challenge of bundle quality in Sunday inserted products by containing the bundle through the entire process, also resulting in labor savings, according to the company.

Packman features a new Signode strapping module with wha it describes as 40% fewer moving parts than competing models and accessibility to all areas of the unit. The strapping module utilizes 5-mm-wide embossed polypropylene strapping material to lower consumables expense. When the module senses a faulty strap feed in the chute, it automatically reverses the strap in the chute and refeeds the strap in a fraction of a second without shut-down.

The out-of-strap feature ejects the strap at the end of the coil to eliminate downtime associated with removing excess strap left in the machine. The device uses neither roller chains nor clutches, requires no lubrication, and affords easy access. Its hot knife can be removed from the top without tools for cleaning. Conveyor belts can be changed in less than 10 minutes by removing the whole conveyor platform without tools.

In another follow-up sale – through Ferag Americas — Quipp is supplying Viper three-quarter wrappers with high-resolution inkjet systems to Transcontinental for installation at its plant in the San Francisco Bay area. Viper options include 10- or 20-inch infeed extension, 30-, 40 or 50-inch side walls, and high-resolution inkjet system. Earlier this year Quipp received an order for six Packman II systems for delivery to the same Transcontinental facility later this year.

Quipp also recently installed a reconditioned 10:2 inserter at The Berkshire Eagle, MediaNews Group’s daily in Pittsfield, Mass.

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