‘Radar’: O’Reilly and Novak Are Among Most Hated and Liked TV Pundits

By: E&P Staff

RadarOnline.com’s list of the most hated and liked TV pundits features some with newspaper affiliations — including Creators Syndicate columnists Bill O’Reilly and Robert Novak.

For the survey, Radar talked to current and former producers as well as TV reporters about which pundits rub people the wrong or right way when it comes to personality — not ideology.

O’Reilly was one of those in the “hated” category. Some of the Radar copy about the Fox News host: “O’Reilly … has a penchant for staff abuse and throwing temper tantrums…. ‘Bluster on camera, blustery off camera — just what you’d expect,’ says a longtime TV newspaper reporter who has dealt with O’Reilly on numerous occasions….”

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Robert Novak — known as “The Prince of Darkness” — surprisingly made the “liked” category. The Radar comments: “Menacing nickname aside, people who have worked with Novak claim the Valerie Plame outer is actually a good guy. ‘He sometimes looks like he’s going to cut your jugular when he’s on TV, but he could not be kinder or more gentler,’ raves a CNN staffer who has coordinated a handful of his appearances. ‘He’s even really nice to the interns’….”

Neel Shah’s Radar piece can be seen here.

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