Rall Cartoon: U.S. Deaths in Iraq Undercounted

By: E&P Staff

Have 1,800-plus American soldiers died in Iraq, or is the number closer to 9,000?

Ted Rall’s latest editorial cartoon, dated Aug. 4, uses the 9,000 figure. The drawing shows a soldier — as he helps carry a badly wounded man to a helicopter — saying: “You don’t count as war dead unless you die IN Iraq. If you die in Germany, or even on the plane leaving Baghdad, you’re not counted.” In the cartoon’s final panel, the soldier urges the wounded man to try to stay alive at least until the helicopter takes off.

Rall wrote today in his blog that some e-mailers were asking where he got the 9,000 figure. The Universal Press Syndicate cartoonist said one of his sources — which he linked to in the blog entry — was TBRnews.org. An article posted on that site said: “The DoD [Department of Defense] lists currently being very quietly circulated indicate almost 9,000 dead.”

The “About Us” section of TBRnews.org said the site is run by “a very disillusioned moderate Republican.”

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