‘Rants & Raves’ Milestone for Cartoon Chronicler R.C. Harvey

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By: E&P Staff

R.C. Harvey today posted the 200th edition of “Rants & Raves,” his online feature that covers comics, editorial cartoons, and more.

Originally a print feature when it began in the early 1990s, “Rants & Raves” went online in 1999 and is now available at RCHarvey.com for a modest subscription fee. (Some of a new “Rants & Raves” installment can be read for free.) The feature appears every two weeks or so, and runs 20 to 30 Web pages.

The 200th edition opens with these words from Harvey: “We let our centennial edition, Opus 100, slip off the edge of the planet without any fuss whatsoever, violating the unwritten commandment that publications always commemorate issues with round numbers in the hundreds. Having sinned once, we aren?t going to sin again. With this posting, we hit Opus 200, and we?ve loaded it with several special features to celebrate the occasion.”

“Opus 200” discusses Lynn Johnston’s planned “For Better or For Worse” hybrid, Mort Walker reaching his 56th anniversary of doing “Beetle Bailey” last September, and many other topics. In addition, Harvey provides “our honor roll of the last century?s ‘top 100’ works of cartooning mastery.”

Harvey is an Illinois resident who’s also a cartoonist, cartoon historian, and author. One of his books is a 952-page biography of “Terry and the Pirates”/”Steve Canyon” creator Milton Caniff that’s slated to be published this year.

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