Rapid Response: Sunday’s ‘NYT Magazine’ Covers MidEast Conflict

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By: E&P Staff

Moving unusually quickly for a Sunday magazine, this week’s upcoming issue from The New York Times reviewed by E&P includes at least three pieces related to the current crisis in the Middle East.

A four-page photo essay reveals life for civilians in bunkers in both Israel (pictures by Heidi Levine) and in Lebanon (Stephanie Sinclair). It’s titled “Someplace Where the Bombs Won’t Come: Life Beneath the rockets and shells.” Fourteen photos, many featuring children, are included.

The lead upfront piece by Noah Feldman explores “Ballots and Bullets” — how Hamas and Hezbollah have used elections since the U.S. really pushed the idea of “democracy” in the region. This has led actually to “destabilizaton,” he writes.

Finally, Deborah Solomon in her Q&A interview slot chats with Israeli novelist A.B. Yehoshua about living under the rockets in Haifa, and gets some witty responses. “It’s a bizarrre combination,” he explains. It’s like Yom Kippur on the one hand, because the streets are empty and there are no cars. On the other hand , you can eat if you like.”

He also reveals that every modern home in the area has a “safe room.” Recently a siren sounded when a patient was visiting his wife, a psychoanlayst, and the three of them dashed into their safe room. “This was a really special session,” he relates, with the husband listening in. “This is not done in New York.”

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