Readership Holds Steady in Canada, Online Grows

By: Jennifer Saba

A new study from the Newspaper Audience Databank (NADbank) reveals that 2006 readership levels in Canada are flat compared to the prior year while online readership is growing.

The NADbank provides data on 81 Canadian dailies in 55 markets and 61 community newspapers in 34 markets.

In 2006, 51% of Canadian adults read a newspaper everyday while more than 75% read a newspaper each week.

More than 15% of adults read an online edition of the newspaper weekly. Ottawa-Gatineau had the highest online readership at 20%.

The study indicates that newspaper readership is ?stable? in the top 17 markets across Canada. There are 11.8 million weekly readers. In the top 10 markets, there are 10.4 million weekly readers.

Across the country, adults spend 47 minutes reading daily newspapers on an average weekday — the same amount of time spent in 2005. On the weekend, adults spend 88 minutes on average reading the paper.

By market, in Toronto, 47% of adults read a newspaper yesterday, with about 23% of the adult population reading the Toronto Star. About 9% and 8% of adults in Toronto read the free papers Metro and 24 Hours respectively.

In Montreal, 52% of adults said they read a newspaper yesterday with Le Journal de Montreal reporting the highest percentage of readership at 23%. Eleven percent of adults read Metro yesterday while 7% read 24 heures.

Fifty-three percent of adults read a newspaper yesterday in Ottawa-Gatineau with about 29% reading the Ottawa Citizen. More than 5% of adults read Metro yesterday and 10% read La Droit.

Vancouver had the highest readership number of the four major markets with 55% of adults who read a paper yesterday. Twenty-seven percent read The Province and Vancouver Sun respectively. Six percent read Metro yesterday, while 12% read 24 heures.

For the national papers, the study revealed that in 50 markets across Canada more than 2.3 million adults read an issue of The Globe and Mail in the average week and almost 1.4 million read the National Post.

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