Readership Study: General News Still Tops

By: E&P Staff

A new study by Mediamark Research reveals that men and women, and young and old, alike read general news the most widely, but then gender, age, and racial gaps appear. Comics still make a strong showing.

Overall the rankings went like this, according to the newspaper readership study: general news, sports, editorial page, business/finance, classified, comics, and a tie between food/cooking, movies and TV.

The runner-up for most read by men is sports, while women favor food/cooking. Men are a little more likely to read business/finance and science/technology, while women favor fashion and movie listings/reviews.

One quirky finding: employed readers are more likely to read the classified than unemployed readers.

What about age differences? In a troubling finding, those aged 18-34 showed less interest in nearly every area than those older, especially regarding the editorial page, and even displayed only average interest in movies and below average in fashion and travel. The older the group, the more they enjoyed comics, editorials, food, and TV listings.

Racial gaps showed up with whites displaying more interest than blacks and Hispanics in many areas, including business/finance, comics, editorials, food and travel.

Interestingly, the survey displayed no dramatic differences along income lines, at least in looking at levels from $30,000 a year and up.

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