Rep. Waxman Announces Congressional Hearings on Libby Leak — Plame May Testify

By: E&P Staff

Rep. Henry Waxman, House Oversight Committee chair, today announced that his committee will begin investigating the CIA leak matter with hearings starting possibly at the end of next week — with the woman at the center of the case, Valerie Plame, as a key witness.

In a letter to prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Waxman said the matter of whether the White House adequately tried to protect the identity of Plame remains unresolved. Waxman asked Fitzgerald to meet with him to discuss if and how he might testify.

It’s not clear if reporters, who played a huge part in the Libby trial, would have to testify again.

?The trial proceedings raise questions about whether senior White House officials, including the Vice President and Senior Advisor to the President Karl Rove, complied with the requirements governing the handling of classified information,” Waxman wrote to Fitzgerald. “They also raise questions about whether the White House took appropriate remedial action following the leak and whether the existing requirements are sufficient to protect against future leaks. Your perspective on these matters is important.?

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