By: Ann M. Mack

Most Ads Run 3 Weeks Or Less

by Ann M. Mack

(Adweek IQ) Although online advertising continues to grow, the duration
of banner campaigns remains short, running on average three weeks or
less, a report released Monday by AdRelevance, a division of Media
Metrix, said.

The report, which analyzed standard 468 x 60 banner ad campaigns on
the top 500 Web sites between July 1999 and June 2000, found that 51.6%
of banner ads run for three or fewer weeks, with the average running
five and a half weeks.

The automotive industry schedules online ads to run the longest, an
average of 7.8 weeks, almost twice as long as the average banner
duration for a hardware and electronics ad, which typically lasts 4.1

Since few advertisers endeavor on lengthy online campaigns, most fail
to tally a significant share of all online ad impressions, the report
said. In Q2 2000, 88% of advertisers scheduled campaigns of less than
9 million impressions (number of times an ad is rendered for viewing).
The average campaign weighed in at 7.3 million impressions, while over
half of all advertisers in the second quarter scheduled less than
44,000 impressions. This translates to a majority of advertisers
capturing less than a 0.01% share of advertising impressions.

‘While most advertisers are running relatively short campaigns, shorter
campaigns are not necessarily better campaigns,’ said Charlie Buchwalter,
vice president of media research for AdRelevance. ‘Although shorter
campaigns may concentrate banner impressions, thereby increasing the
share of voice and share of market for an advertiser, only longer
campaigns can bring about a change in consumer attitudes and behavior.’

In addition, the study also found that many advertisers favor placing
banners on broad-reach sites, such as portals, search engines and
community destinations, versus targeted content sites. Web media,
financial services and travel advertisers target the least, running
on average 83% of online impressions on broad sites. On the other hand,
the consumer goods industry embraces the most targeted ad approaches,
with almost 60% of online impression appearing on niche sites.

‘The online advertising market is still in its infancy and has a way to
go before we can accurately determine what constitutes an effective and
successful online ad campaign. We’ll know things are changing when more
companies commit to larger, longer and more targeted online campaigns,’
said Buchwalter.


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