Reporter/Cartoonist Matt Richtel Writing a Novel on Twitter

By: Dave Astor

Matt Richtel has started writing a thriller novel on Twitter that’s attracting attention.

Richtel is The New York Times reporter and “Rudy Park” comic strip writer who authored the 2007 “Hooked” thriller novel (published in traditional print format).

“I’m not sure anyone’s written a thriller on Twitter before,” he told E&P. “It’s an experiment in short-attention span literature — writing and consumption. Also, it’s just fun to do.”

Richtel said the Twitter story is “a first-person tale of a guy who wakes up in the mountains of Colorado with a head injury, amnesia, and some idea that he’s involved with or has knowledge of the death of the Washington, D.C., madam who recently died — apparently by suicide — in Florida.”

According to, Twitter “is a service for friends, family, and co?workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers.”

Richtel does the United Media-distributed “Rudy Park” with Darrin Bell, who also creates the “Candorville” comic for the Washington Post Writers Group.

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