By: Jim Rosenberg

Company To Do Business In Three Ways

by Jim Rosenberg

Following through on plans announced in the spring, Atex Media
Solutions changed its structure, strategy, and leadership.
Longtime executive Max Coebergh took over the roles of president
and CEO of the Bedford, Mass., systems developer from Karen
Weltchek, who now leads a new subsidiary.

Coebergh blamed competitive pressures caused by fast-changing
technology and communications for making it ‘very difficult’ for
suppliers to thrive or even survive in an industry characterized
in recent years by ‘cutbacks, failures, and forced mergers.’ He
said Atex will do business in three ways: as a system integrator,
application service provider (ASP), and technology consultant.

As an integrator, he said, Atex will supply its largest customers
with the customization and service needed for projects such as the
Enterprise advertising solution for Dow Jones. Its ASP business,
under Director Alphonse DePalma, will deliver products via
application hosting to midsize publications that want to shift
systems responsibilities to the vendor. For consulting, Atex will
draw on the hundreds of thousands of hours of experience of its
engineers, technicians, and support personnel to provide workshops
and seminars ‘and in general act as outsourced IT management for
our customers,’ said Coebergh.

With Coebergh running Atex, Weltchek became CEO of newly incorporated
Omnex Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary based on the new Omnex cross-media editorial system and focused on developing XML-enabled content-management software for media and corporate applications.

The two companies will coordinate delivery of Omnex to customers.
Coebergh said launching the company as a software-development
business permits it to focus all technical resources on Omnex.
‘Meanwhile,’ he added, ‘Atex can concentrate solely on marketing
and selling.’

Star signs as second Omnex beta site in Asia

Malaysia’s Star Publications, an Atex user since 1983, will become
a beta site for that vendor’s Omnex content-management system,
designed for creating, editing, and marking up content once, then
processing and distributing it across multiple, dissimilar media.
Delayed since London’s Financial Times agreed to test it, Omnex has
since also been chosen by Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post.

Atex also will install for Star a DC4 digital-asset-management
system, developed by Digital Collections, Hamburg, Germany.
Web-based DC4 enables storage, retrieval, and multipurposing of
text, images (ads, photos, graphics, logos, pages), video, and
audio from one logical database, using Standard Generalized Markup
Language. Star’s DC4 will provide access for 20 in-house users and
an unlimited number of authorized remote users, and enable them to
manage photo and text wire input. It also will assist production
and interface to the Atex editorial system.


Jim Rosenberg ( is a senior editor
covering newspaper technology for E&P.

(c) Copyright 2000, Editor & Publisher

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