Return of the ‘Non Sequitur’ Five

By: Dave Astor

“Non Sequitur” creator Wiley Miller is rerunning five prescient Sunday strips next month as vacation replacements.

All of the comics are from 2001. The first three — which will reappear Aug. 1, 8, and 15 — focus on what Miller saw three years ago as a manufactured energy crisis in California. His perception was borne out when Enron later collapsed. Miller said the other two strips — due to rerun Aug. 22 and 29 — talk about the media’s timidity in scrutinizing this “bogus” crisis and the media’s general reluctance to confront the powers that be.

Why is Miller rerunning these strips? “I’ve received a lot of mail from readers remembering them and asking me to bring them back,” replied the Universal Press Syndicate cartoonist. “I caught a lot of flak at the time — especially from the right wing — for saying those things. Now it has all proven to be ‘right on.'”

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