Reuters Journo Injured by Rocket in Israel, Shot Fired Near Fox Crew

By: E&P Staff

Reuters reports that a cameraman was wounded in a rocket attack by Lebanese guerrilla in the Israeli city of Nahariya on Thursday, while a Fox News crew said on-air that it was being fired upon.

Rami Amichai, a journalist for Reuters covering the ongoing escalation in northern Israel and Lebanon, was hit in the lower leg with shrapnel when the rocket struck nearby. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Fox News reporter David Lee Miller was filing a live report from central Gaza this morning when suddenly a single shot rang out which he said was fired in his crew’s direction. Miller disappeared from view, but continued to give audio commentary as he got in his car and left the scene. Miller speculated that the shot was fired by Israeli soldiers positioned nearby to scare his camera crew away from the area.

Click here to see a video of the Fox segment where Miller was fired upon.

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