Revealed: Another Freelance Reporter Was Kidnapped, Rescued, Last Month

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By: E&P Staff

Three weeks after the the incicent, the San Francisco Chronicle revealed late Friday that a freelancer who reported often for the newspaper was abducted the day after Christmas, thrown into a car trunk, and later rescued by chance.

“The 28-year-old reporter, whose story has not been known until now, was lucky enough to live and tell the tale,” the Chronicle observes.

More than 400 foreigners and more than 30 journalists have been abducted since March 2003.

Sands has been covering the Iraq conflict since February 2003, usually as an “embed,” but in December ventured out as a “unilateral.”

Held for nearly a week, he was not hurt, and was released when American soldiers searching for insurgents found him by chance.

The whole story can be found at the Chronicle site:

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