Revealed: Iraqi Reporter Killed in Controversial Raid

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By: E&P Staff

An unarmed Iraqi journalist was among those killed during a controversial military raid late last month in northern Baghdad, The Washington Post reports Saturday.

The Post reporters, Jonathan Finer and Naseer Nouri, based their account on interviews with the dead man’s editors, a journalist who was with him when he died and other witnesses.

Kamal Manahi Anbar, 28, was enrolled in a training program run by the London-based Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

The killing took place on March 26, after Anbar went to Baghdad’s Shaab neighborhood to conduct interviews for a story. “Armored Humvees arrived and a firefight broke out,” the Post reports, and Anbar was shot through the right cheekbone.

The attack was first reported as occuring at a “mosque” and caused much uproar from Iraqis. At least 16 people were reported killed in the raid by U.S. and Iraqi special forces. In a statement released the night of the raid, “the U.S. military said that the site was a known refuge for kidnappers and killers” and that during a firefight only insurgents died, the Post recalls.

“U.S. commanders, including two of the top generals in Baghdad, later said the al-Iraqiya (TV) video had been staged, with bodies moved from where people had died, weapons removed from the scene and prayer books added….

“Witnesses interviewed at the complex later said many unarmed worshipers had been shot while praying, which the U.S. military and the Iraqi commander at the scene have denied.”

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