Review of New Book on Iraq and Media by ‘E&P’ Editor Calls It Among Best on War

By: E&P Staff

A new book Iraq and the media by E&P Editor Greg Mitchell is described, in the new issue of Kirkus Reviews, as a “lucid chronology of error, worthy of shelving alongside the best of the Iraq books to date.”

The book is titled “So Wrong for So Long: How the Press, the Pundits –and the President — Failed on Iraq,” and is published by Union Square Press. It features a foreword by war reporter Joe Galloway and a preface by Bruce Springsteen.

Kirkus, the most respected of the pre-publication review outlets, notes that the book “gathers some five years? worth of Mitchell?s media-watchdog opinion pieces from that august journal, consistent in their opposition to the Iraq misadventure and prescient… Mitchell was one of the first to question New York Times reporter Judith Miller?s coziness with the administration and its claims through her of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein?s bunkers. He was also quick to criticize MSNBC news host Chris Matthews?s assertion, on that very day of Bush?s mission-accomplished declaration, ‘He won the war. He was an effective commander. Everybody recognizes that, I believe, except a few critics.’

“Visiting such points on the timeline as the Pat Tillman death-by-friendly-fire coverup, the Miller affair (and her subsequent buyout) and the suicides of several American soldiers in protest against corruption, Mitchell charts how disastrously wrongheaded the war has been from the start, and how numerous and various the wrongheaded have been.

“A lucid chronology of error, worthy of shelving alongside the best of the Iraq books to date.”

The book will arrive in stores within two weeks (available now via online booksellers).
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