Revised Circulation Numbers Are Issued

By: Joe Strupp

Updated with percentage changes at 1:15 p.m., May 7

Five days after the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) initially released its FAS-FAX report for the six months ended March 31, ABC members received a revised edition Monday that included corrected figures for 97 newspapers.

The revised edition had USA Today at the top of the daily newspaper listing, well ahead of The Wall Street Journal, in second place, and The New York Times, in third.

The Times, however, took the top spot for Sunday newspaper circulation, followed by the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post.

This spring’s semiannual FAS-FAX report had to be reissued in its entirety due to errors in the reporting of some circulation numbers for March 31, 2001. The errors were blamed on a computer glitch that incorrectly added bulk-sales circulation numbers twice to those figures for 97 newspapers.

The corrected edition is labeled “”Revised as of May 3, 2002.”” ABC sent e-mail messages to all member newspapers last week asking that the initial report be discarded.

ABC, which has been in existence since 1914, launched the FAS-FAX report in 1969. It compiles numbers from 820 daily newspapers.

Top 20 Daily Papers
Average Daily Circulation For Six Months Ended March 31, 2002 (Gain/Loss same period last year)

1.USA Today, McLean, Va. (M-Th)2,120,357 (-3.5%)
2.The Wall Street Journal (M-F)1,820,525 (0.1%)
3.The New York Times (M-F)1,194,491 (3.8%)
4.Los Angeles Times (Th-Sa)1,011,732 (NA)
5.The Washington Post (M-F)811,925 (0.7%)
6.Daily News, New York (M-F)733,099 (2.2%)
7.Chicago Tribune (W-F)689,026 (1.6%)
8.Newsday, Melville, N.Y. (M-F)577,796 (0.1%)
9.New York Post (M-F)562,639 (15.4%)
10.Houston Chronicle (M-Sa)545,727 (0.1%)
11.San Francisco Chronicle (M-F)525,369 (-1.4%)
12.The Dallas Morning News (M-Th)511,159 (2.0%)
13.The Arizona Republic, Phoenix (M-Sa)496,373 (NA)
14.Chicago Sun-Times (M-F)487,480 (0.5%)
15.The Boston Globe (M-F)478,735 (1.9%)
16.The Star-Ledger, Newark (M-F)406,717 (0.0%)
17.Star Tribune, Minneapolis (Th-Sa)405,459 (1.6%)
18.The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (M-Th)405,367 (1.2%)
19.The Philadelphia Inquirer (M-F)381,104 (-3.0%)
20.The Plain Dealer, Cleveland (M-Sa)368,322 (1.3%)

Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations FAS-FAX

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