Revolutionizing the Work of News Organizations by Making Citizen Videos Searchable

A high school student is thrown to a classroom floor by a school resource officer in South Carolina, a tsunami destroys homes after the 2011 Japanese earthquake, a horrifying stampedekills hundreds of pilgrims during the 2015 Hajj outside Mecca. These events were all captured by amateur filmmakers.


The footage, all captured on cell phones, made international news.


“As billions of people come to own smartphones, the amount of newsworthy video shot by non-journalists will explode,” wrote Marcus Moretti, project manager of data at Mic News, a news site that targets Millennials, in a recent blogpost. “Today, anyone with a smartphone can be a stringer.”


But how will news organizations find that video, especially, as Moretti noted, in an age where more than 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?

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