Rhode Island Paper to Restrict Online Content — Highlights E-Edition

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By: E&P Staff

The Newport Daily News in Rhode Island plans to restrict its online content in an effort to get more “pay.” Meanwhile the paper is rolling out an electronic version.

The e-edition will be free on a trial basis for a limited time before requiring a subscription.

“Our goal is to give our subscribers more of the product they look for every day and our advertisers more exposure, while offering new readers even more of a reason to pick us up,” Assistant Publisher William F. Lucey III told the Newport Daily News which covered the move.

The Daily News has offered some of its content for free on its site for 10 years holding back its news found in the Community section. But many people complained that not enough of the news was available online.

The Daily News didn’t want to throw up all of its content for free so it is now providing three subscription options: home delivery of the print edition, home delivery of the print edition with full access online and online-access only.

“One of our biggest complaints I’ve heard about the Web site over the years is we don’t put all our content online,” Executive Editor Sheila Mullowney told the paper, adding the new subscription packages addresses those concerns.

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