‘Richmond Times-Dispatch’ Names Head of Video Advertising Unit

By: E&P Staff

The Richmond Times-Dispatch and its affiliated Web site InRich.com announced Friday that it has appointed Rick Thornton MG video business development manager.

Thornton has been a senior editor at the Times-Dispatch since 2004. In his new role, he will be responsible for helping develop video solutions to assist advertisers in attracting customers and sales.

“We will use video to better serve our advertisers ranging from big companies to mid-size businesses to mom-and-pop operations” said inRich.com General Manager Michael Fibison in a statement. “We are eager to learn as we innovate in this expanding medium.”

Thornton’s unit will include videographers and sales representatives and will be focused solely on advertising. “We?ve made a lot of strides with news video. Now we need to advance video as an effective tool for advertisers to reach customers and keep the cash register ringing,” stated Thomas Silvestri, president and publisher of The Times-Dispatch.

Earlier this year, Thornton was part of a special innovation team formed earlier this year to examine new advertising opportunities. That team helped shape the present MG Video plan in collaboration with other Media General businesses, after The Times-Dispatch and inRich.com completed a video idea project using the Richmond-based consulting firm PLAY.

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