Roger Ebert: I’ll Be Back Reviewing Movies Soon

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By: E&P Staff

In a letter to Chicago Sun-Times readers Tuesday, film critic Roger Ebert said he will be returning full time to movie reviewing soon after his upcoming annual film festival.

Ebert has been plagued by repeated health problems since he was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2002. He underwent several surgeries for cancer of the salivary gland, and in 2006 was hospitalized when an artery burst. He had a tracheotomy that year, and lost his voice. He underwent surgery again this January.

“I am at last returning to the movie beat,” Ebert wrote. “After my current stay at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, I’m looking forward to opening night of my annual film festival at the University of Illinois on April 23, and I will resume writing movie reviews shortly thereafter.”

Ebert reported that there were again complications following the January surgery, and “I am sorry to say that my ability to speak was not restored.” That, he said, would require another surgery. “I am still cancer-free, and not ready to think about more surgery at this time,” he added.

“But I still have all my other abilities, including the love of viewing movies and writing about them,” he said. “And at my side I have my angelic wife, Chaz.”

At the film festival, Ebert said, he will be assisted in onstage interview sessions by Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper, his partner on the TV show “At the Movies With Ebert & Roeper,” as well as Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips; and Time magazine film critic Richard Corliss.

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