Roldo, ‘PD’ and ‘Cleveland Press’ Vets Heading Into Journalism Hall of Fame

By: E&P Staff

Cleveland’s most famous and iconoclastic media critic, Roldo Bartimole, will be among seven people inducted into the Cleveland Journalism Hall of Fame tonight.

The Oct. 28 ceremony will be hosted by one of Roldo’s last targets before his retirement earlier this year after three decades as virtually the city’s only independent political reporter and media critic: Doug Clifton, editor of The Plain Dealer in Cleveland.

Former Plain Dealer reporter and columnist Tom Andrzejewski will also be inducted into the hall, which is organized by the Press Club of Cleveland. Gilbert W. Henderson, a former chief editorial writer for the daily, will also be inducted as an “industry pioneer” along with John A. Penton, who founded the big trade magazine business Penton Publishing.

Two selections come from the old Cleveland Press: Photographer Tony Tomsic and reporter Fred McGunagle. TV news anchor Ted Henry will also be inducted during the ceremony.

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