‘Rudy Park’ Comic Spawns Fictional Advice Columnist

By: Dave Astor

The “Rudy Park” comic’s Web site has been redesigned, and one of the new features is an “Ask Sadie” advice column.

Sadie is a crotchety 80-something character in the periodically topical humor comic, which is set in an Internet cafe. Recent “Rudy Park” episodes have solicited reader questions for Sadie.

“She basically promises, per her personality, to blast readers and taunt them,” said Matt Richtel, who writes “Rudy Park” under the pen name of Theron Heir. “She wants to be meaner than Simon Cowell and tougher than Dr. Laura.”

Richtel, who collaborates on the comic with artist Darrin Bell, told E&P that about 40 questions have come in during the past few days. “I’m sure that most people are just playing along, but it’s fun that they’re playing,” he noted.

The “Rudy Park” writer joked that Sadie, because of her “rigid schedule,” would “prefer if people writing in with questions also send in answers ridiculing themselves. Then all she has to do is cut-and-paste.”

United Media syndicates “Rudy Park” to more than 80 newspapers and Web sites.

Bell also does the “Candorville” comic for the Washington Post Writers Group, and Richtel is also a reporter for The New York Times.

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