S.F. ‘Chronicle’ Praises ‘Candorville’ But Criticizes Quality of Some Other Strips

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By: E&P Staff

The San Francisco Chronicle asked readers what they thought of “Candorville” as it gives that comic a trial run while “Doonesbury” is on sabbatical.

More than 200 responded, and the Chronicle reports today that about 60% like “Candorville” and 40% don’t.

“Candorville” is by Darrin Bell of the Washington Post Writers Group, while “Doonesbury” is by Garry Trudeau of Universal Press Syndicate.

In his Chronicle piece, Executive Datebook Editor David Wiegand also wrote: “A few readers said or implied that one of the reasons they like [‘Candorville’] is because its lead characters are African American. That was one of the reasons we were first attracted to it, to be sure. We want to find strips that reflect the diversity of the Bay Area, but that’s easier said than done.

“For one thing, there are a lot of strips of every kind out there and you’d be surprised how few of them are very good, or funny, or even well-drawn. Several times a year, we’re visited by very nice people representing the comics syndicates and they all tell us how certain they are that some new strip will do well in our market. And several times a year, I look at them and wonder if they have any idea of what our market is….”

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