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Editor Credited With Securing Hearst Investment

Robert Rivard, editor of the San Antonio Express-News, has been
named the first E&P Editor of the Year. Rivard, 47, has worked
for nearly 10 years at newspapers in the city, and is credited
with securing a major investment by the newspaper’s owners in
the title.

The Michigan native says newspaper editors must be involved in
city life if they are going to cover it. He has forged links to
the city’s Hispanic community, and has earned the respect and
attention of numerous residents and business leaders. ‘I consider
myself to be a known person in the community,’ Rivard says. ‘I
take great pride in that.’

That pride was among the factors that made Rivard E&P’s choice
for Editor of the Year. During 1999, Rivard traveled a roller
coaster of personal and professional emotions, from his efforts
to bring two men accused of killing Express-News Mexico City
correspondent Philip True to justice to the paper’s part in
jumpstarting the five-year-old missing persons case of famed
atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair. At the same time, he has
continued to gain a wider prominence as an Inter American Press
Association (IAPA) board member.

Rivard also turned down the top editor spot at The Miami Herald
last year. Hearst worked hard to keep Rivard, promising to make
a major investment in the Express-News, including more money for
staff raises, new hires, and more news space. Hearst put together
an offer that included a reported $1.5 million for a 10%
newsroom-wide raise, $3 million to expand the editorial staff from
250 to 275, a larger news hole, and a planned redesign later this


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