‘San Diego Union-Trib’ Launches Social Network

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By: E&P Staff

The San Diego Union-Tribune has launched a new social networking platform called sdBackyard.com.

The free site allows users to create profiles, connect with friends and others, and upload pictures, videos, and blogs. The site requires users to register according to geographic location within the county in order to tailor-fit content; however, users can also search for content from other county areas.

The paper plans to reverse publish some of the content of sdBackyard into community publications.

“sdBackyard.com embraces the growing trends of user-generated content and social media by giving users the tools to create and share content online, with the added benefit of reverse publishing some content into a print product,” George Bonaros, marketing director for the Union-Tribune, said in a statement. “The unique geographic targeting allows small businesses, nonprofit organizations, clubs, and other community groups opportunities to promote themselves in print and online.”

The community print publications will be distributed on Fridays through home delivery (packaged with the main daily) and available free at some retail outlets starting in June. Three print zones will be launched this year, though others could be added depending on the amount of content generated by users.

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