SAXOTECH Acquires Data Sciences, Inc.

By: E&P Staff

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TAMPA, Fla. – November 1, 2010 – SAXOTECH, a leader in content management and ad solutions, announced today the acquisition of Data Sciences, Inc. (DSI), a Maryland-based company known for providing circulation systems to many of the top media companies in the newspaper industry such as the Los Angeles Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The acquisition of DSI further expands the suite of offerings available through SAXOTECH both in the Americas and throughout Europe, and provides its customers with the opportunity to utilize the leading circulation system in the market today. DSI’s software is used to track subscription revenue, distribution, agent billing, promotions, campaigns, demographics and non-subscribers. Flexible reporting and decision making tools enable newspapers to improve retention and increase their subscriber base, as well as empower marketing executives to make quicker, smarter and more profitable circulation management decisions.

SAXOTECH has also retained DSI’s employee-base, a group of professionals with outstanding expertise in development and support. The group will continue to work in the Laurel, Maryland office alongside SAXOTECH’s technical teams in Tampa, Florida, Bedford, New Hampshire and Aalborg, Denmark to grow its combined offerings.

“At SAXOTECH, we continually look for ways to leverage our experience and technology to provide the media industry with the most innovative and integrated tools for communicating with readers in multiple channels,” said Anders Christiansen, CEO SAXOTECH. “DSI has built an excellent reputation for its circulation and subscription systems and we are confident the combined knowledge of DSI and SAXOTECH will further evolve our industry and give media companies greater reach and relevancy with the utmost efficiency.”

The move represents the second time SAXOTECH has grown through an acquisition in the past five years. Along with the launch of SAXOTECH’s second cloud in Europe, the combined technical synergies of the two companies will drive the expansion of new hosted subscriber systems and more targeted advertising.

“SAXOTECH has the power to carry DSI’s products and solutions forward to develop new systems and add more functionality for greater targeting, data management and scalability,” said Mark Ganslaw, President DSI. “Media companies are looking to utilize fewer vendors in order to gain large-scale advantages from both an integration and cost of support point of view. SAXOTECH is that one stop shop for targeted advertising, more personalized content and the mechanisms for managing and delivering that content to multiple channels.”

SAXOTECH helps media companies meet current and future challenges in the media landscape by providing cost efficient solutions for new business models based on multimedia, multi-channel consumer interaction. Our scalable, easy-to-implement solutions are used to plan, create, edit, design and publish content as well as drive online directories and serve display advertising through multiple channels. Our customers receive world-class implementation, training and support complemented by ongoing development of products and best practices. Today, SAXOTECH’s solutions are in use by more than 600 news organizations around the world.

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