Saxotech Online Adds Tiered-Paywall Functionality

By: E&P Staff

Tampa-based Saxotech has enhanced its online system functionality to enable customers to deploy tiered paywalls.

Saxotech Online’s Access Control technology allows media companies to limit access to specified content or to manage the number of stories or photo galleries available to readers. The functionality can be customized for specific business models. It also tracks the number of stories or images that a reader views, requesting registration when the maximum has been reached.

The added functionality identifies a reader by the payment system’s session ID, capturing data that can help a publisher produce content and products important to readers.

“By tracking anonymous and registered viewers, publishers can correlate that data with other metrics, such as most-poplar articles, sections visited and galleries, providing opportunities to create custom news pieces for target markets,” Saxotech CEO Anders Christiansen said in a statement.


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