Scott McClellan Does Comedy Central — Colbert Explores ‘Media Culpa’

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By: E&P STaff

Scott McClellan guested on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart on Monday night, but the best lines of the night came a few minutes later from Stephen Colbert.

He opened his “Colbert Report” by asking why McClellan was so upset that reporters were not doing their jobs in the run-up to the Iraq war. “What is McClellan complaining about?” he asked. “They were doing HIS job!”

Later, in his “The Word” segment, he discussed the journalists’ need to defend themselves from the charges that they botched the pre-war coverage. He labeled this “Media Culpa.” Who could they hire to spin their defense? Why not someone who is good at it and is now out of work — Scott McClellan.

Earlier, Stewart had grilled McClellan about his claims that his former boss, President Bush, did not consciously deceive the public on Iraq. Stewart argued that, from day one, he and his advisers knowingly kept the truth from the public — “a sin of omission,” he said. “It’s the difference between pre-meditated murder and involuntary manslaughter,” he added.

McClellan responded by referring to the “culture of Washington” but Stewart called that a cop-out phrase.

A few hours before that, McClellan endured getting shouted at by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News for allegedly helping those who hate America.

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