SCS ColorAdBoss Offers Maracaibo Daily Intelligent Impositioning

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By: E&P Staff

To optimize color availability of its press impositions C. A. Diario Panorama, Maracaibo, Venezuela, has begun using ColorAdBoss along with Version 11 of Layout-8000, both from Software Consulting Services LLC, Nazareth, Pa.

Panorama uses a nine-unit Goss Metroliner press and a Metrocolor tower to print a daily broadsheet that usually runs to 52 pages, as well as a 24-page tab section. If the daily exceeds 64 pages, the broadsheet and tab are printed separately.

During dummying, as each ad is placed, ColorAdBoss computes a new imposition solution, which is verified and ranked. When the final color, double-truck or section-break ad is placed, the imposition is complete. ColorAdBoss interfaces to Layout-8000 to place the rest of the ads and help manage the dummying process.

With ColorAdBoss, the Layout operator simultaneously considers both advertising position requirements and press imposition complexity. ColorAdBoss allows the operator to see the incremental press complexity necessary to satisfy each ad’s placement requirements — as if in contact with an always-available press expert and resulting in better ad positioning and simpler press runs.

Because ColorAdBoss is run in the Advertising/Layout department, Layout-8000 and ColorAdBoss operator Anita Rincon can use it for early dummying sessions to identify color availability while there is still time for the sales staff to sell more color into the paper.

Panorama‘s press has more than 1.418 imposition possibilities. Using SCS-developed artificial intelligence techniques, ColorAdBoss narrows the considerations to between 50,000 and 500,000 partial impositions, then usually picks the best in less than one-tenth of a second. SCS says the computation is “hardly noticeable as ads are dragged and dropped onto pages.”

Because ColorAdBoss uses no fixed database of solutions, temporary or permanent changes to the press (e.g., a unit being down) can be accommodated immediately.

Facilitating experimentation with various section sizes and color placements during dummying to enhance press utilization, ColorAdBoss manages the configuration of angle bars, split fountains, web leads and many other factors in producing setups that are easily run.

ColorAdBoss produces a press plating sketch (press-map), noting where color decks should be set up and details of color requirements, and the plate list, color schedule, complexity report, ad-placement detail report and color availability report.

Set-up for Panorama was done with the help of its pressroom staff. Because of the complexity introduced by the embedded tab section, additional help was provided by SCS’s imposition expert.

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