SCS Layout-8000 Version 12 Soon to Arrive

By: E&P Staff

The last upgrades to Software Consulting Services’ Layout-8000 in Version 11 include more dummying options, manual dummying (multiple ads can be dragged and dropped onto a page), automatic dummying, and one-click placement with a recommended page.

The ILP ad list is more like a spreadsheet (to which it may be exported), allowing sorting, filtering, and color-coding, hiding, showing, resizing and rearranging columns. Ads may be quickly unassigned from a page by dragging them to the list.

Right-clicking in the Interactive Layout Program gives a page menu with easy access for jump and drop pages, creating blocks, fillers, or ads, and exchanging pages. The ad menu gives easy access for locking/unlocking, rezoning and resizing an ad.

Page colors and groups are clearly visible in the ILP, where ad “tooltips” appear when the cursor crosses an ad. Basic ad information can be seen at a glance. The wide screen view shows more ads and pages; multi-zone viewing also in possible.

Layout-8000 is now updated every other week in one downloadable file that installs in one command. A single command also reverts to the to prior version.

Add-on modules from the AdBoss Suite, which further automate Layout-8000 or use it to help generate revenue, are available in trial versions. StandbyAdBoss and others are pre-installed.

The Nazareth, Pa.-based newspaper-publishing software developer said it will release Version 12 later this summer, incorporating Design & Dummy into the ILP, providing a view of pages and convenience for frequent design tasks. An interactive list of ads shows placement conflicts. PDF ad images are previewed.

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