Sell It Like It?s 1999: Prince Album Giveaway Spikes Sales of U.K. Newspapers by 27%

By: E&P Staff

Last Saturday’s giveaway of Prince’s new album 20TEN boosted sales of the British newspapers The Daily Mirror and Daily Record by huge numbers, their parent company said Tuesday.

Sales of the Daily Mirror were up over an average weekend by 334,000 copies, Trinity Mirror Nationals said. The Daily Record sold 45,000 more copies than normal, it added. The figures were first reported on the Website of Mediaweek in the U.K. by John Reynolds.

The Daily Mail in May reported an average daily circulation of 1,238,145 and the Daily Record 328,618.

“We are delighted with the huge response to the Prince promotion which has proved to be a successful sampling opportunity for both titles,” Trinity Mirror’s managing director, Mark Hollinshead, said in a statement.

Mediaweek noted that in 2007, The Mail on Sunday “claimed to have sold an extra 600,000 copies after it gave away copies of Planet Earth free with the paper.” That was also a Prince album.

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