Serial, Mystery Show, and Why Listeners Want To Be In On the Investigation

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Starlee Kine formally launched her detective career this summer when Gimlet Media released Mystery Show.


During the podcast’s six-episode first season, Kine uncovered the stories behind a vanished video store and an inscrutable lunch box. She tracked down the owners of a breakfast-themed belt buckle and a vanity license plate that reads “ILUV911.”


Days after the second episode was released, Mystery Showbecame Gimlet Media’s first podcast to reach No. 1—a position held and frequently swapped by a very small number of shows since Serial, Sarah Koenig’s re-investigation of a Baltimore murder case, claimed the top spot for three consecutive months.


Like Koenig, Kine produced stories for This American Life for years. The success of Mystery Show might well make Kine the second-best-known detective in podcasting.

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