Several (Unknown) Publishers to Start Testing New Pay Site System

By: E&P Staff

Anywhere between five and 15 content providers will start beta testing Journalism Online’s system for paid content.

None of the participants were revealed and only vaguely categorized as magazines, newspapers, online-only organizations and blogs from the U.S. and abroad.

Poynter’s Steve Myers revealed the latest piece of news from Journalism Online co-founder Steve Brill who said these unknown participants will start charting users at the end of the year but the change will be so slight, that many users won’t notice.

Publishers have been waffling on whether to move to an online pay model and Brill contends Journalism Online is testing a method that will ease content providers into the process.

“There’s going to be nothing for customers that’s going to be sudden about this,” Brill told Myers.

Journalism Online said there are several different ways to wring revenue from content including charging for time sensitive articles, then setting them free at a later period; setting a certain amount of the article free and charging for the entire piece; and charging users to access comments or tools to share content.

Read more here at Fitz & Jen.

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