Should the Associated Press Have Sent a Safety Bulletin Over the Clinton Report Backlash?

Liz: Only two questions for you, Jill, but they’re long ones. Among the headlines this week was a decision by the Associated Press to announce that Hillary Clinton had captured the Democratic nomination after an extensive delegate count by the newsroom. The news came a day before voters in states including California had a chance to cast their ballot, and it prompted an angry outcry from Bernie Sanders supporters who felt that AP’s quick trigger was interfering with the election. Some Sanders backers were so incensed that they apparently thrashed out at AP staffers on social media, and in emails and phone calls. Here’s the management issue. AP’s leadership went so far as to warn the entire US staff to practice “situational awareness” around AP offices, posting tips for personal safety, while also saying there had been no specific security threats. I’m wondering: Is putting out a bulletin to thousands (that would surely get leaked) the right way to turn down a boiling pot? Granted, a bad call can be a dangerous one with real consequences. Then again, don’t many newsrooms deal with threatening words over social media?

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